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Hans Rudolph and Singular Sleep Partner to Help Bearded OSA Patients

Joseph Krainin, M.D., FAASM

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Exhibitor: Legacy of Expertise, Customer Service

Exhibitor: Legacy of Expertise, Customer Service ...

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Company Goal
We desire to establish Dealer/Distributor, OEM and Retail (end user) relationships throughout the world. We hope you find our products of interest and potential value in your product development, marketing plans, research or respiratory therapy and that this will be the start of a mutually beneficial relationship. Please contact us if you have any further questions or require additional information.
The History of Hans Rudolph...
During the early 1930s Mr. Hans Rudolph designed and built what were possibly the first Respiratory Valves specifically for use in Pulmonary Function Studies with humans and animals. In 1960 Hans and John Rudolph formed and incorporated Hans Rudolph, inc. as it continues to exist today. Additional family members continue to join the company, which strengthens its future growth and existence. We currently have the second and third generation of Rudolphs working together with pride to continue providing the old world craftsmanship and quality service to the high technology world of today.
About Our Products
Our products include Breathing Valves, Non-Diffusing Gas Bags, Nose Clips, Mouthpieces, Respiratory Control Circuit Valves both Manual and Automatic, Valve Controllers, Flow Resistance Standards, Pneumotachometers, Exercise and Stress Test Breathing Masks and Valves, Oro-Nasal CPAP, BILEVEL & NIV Masks, Metro Seals™, Volume Calibration Syringes, Research Pneumotach Systems, Pneumotach Amplifiers, and Lung Simulators. NEW PRODUCTS include Silicone Rubber Mouthpieces, DLco Simulator, Flow/Volume Simulator, Oro-Nasal CPAP/BILEVEL/NIV Masks Single Patient Use & Reusable, Disposable Nose Clips & Single Patient Use Metro Seal™ - NG Tube Seals for Oro-Nasal Mask.
Markets Served
Our product line is very specialized and its market area is very diversified. A typical user list would include Sports Medicine, Hospital Respiratory Care, Pulmonary Function Testing, Metabolic Measurements and Nutritional Assessment, Speech Studies, Teaching Institutions, Pharmaceutical Industry, Government Institutions, Rehabilitation, Veterinary Research, Non-Invasive Ventilation, Sleep Lab and Home Care (CPAP), Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Medicine, Anesthesia, Human Performance Laboratories, and Physiological Human/Animal Research. Our products move throughout these areas via USA/International Dealers and OEMs and Direct to End Users as original equipment components and replacement parts. Along with our catalog you will find an envelope with our New Masks for Sleep Apnea (CPAP/BiLevel) and Non-Invasive Mask Ventilation (NIV Masks). We hope you find our high quality products of potential value.
Hans Rudolph Employee's
Employee's of Hans Rudolph inc. - DOWNLOAD Adobe PDF(839Kb)
Trade Shows
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