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7302 Eagle 2 Mask

Category: MASKS
SubCategory: Eagle 1 & Eagle 2 NIV Disposable Masks


The 7302 Eagle 2 Mask is a disposable single-patient use, Oro-Nasal mask intended to administer oxygen and other breathing gases into the upper airway for short-term (< 24 hours) or emergency applications of noninvasive respiratory support or ventilation in hospital, transport vehicle, institutional or other clinical settings on patients that weigh > 30 kilograms. The Mask has a supplemental, membrane-sealed port for use during insertion of a bronchoscope or other endoscopic device into the patient’s airway while still administering oxygen and other breathing gases.

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691902 IFU

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7302 Eagle 2 Mask IFU

691910 DataSheet

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7301 & 7302 Eagle DataSheet

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